Our lab @ ESA 2011

  • Pilar Lopera: Interactions for pollination and reproductive isolation in sympatric species of Liatris (Asteraceae), in a Sandhill community, Florida
  • Gordon A. Fox & Kelly L. Haymes: Ecological sources of variation among individuals in cone production in Pinus palustrisMill. (Pinaceae)
  • Tammy E. Foster, Paul A. Schmalzer, & Gordon A. Fox:  Site differences in growth response of Quercus myrtifolia to climate
  • Colleen Kelly, Stephen J. Blundell, Michael G. Bowler, Gordon Fox, Paul Harvey, Mark R. Lomas, & F. Ian Woodward: The statistical mechanics of community assembly and species distribution
  • Benjamin J. Bolker, Gabriel I. Herrick, & Gordon A. Fox: Infer the spatial scale and pattern of environmental variation in seed-to-sapling survival from seeds and saplings of Pinus elliotti(slash pine)

Here’s a link to the PDF file.

Congratulations, Sarah!

Sarah Sanford’s thesis was accepted by the graduate college — so she’s completed all the requirements for her MS!

Caleb Scott Haymes, born Sunday, July 3!

New NSF grant

NSF has recommended that a proposal by Bruce Kendall and Joe Stover (both at UCSB) and Gordon Fox, entitled ”  Collaborative Research: Demographic heterogeneity in landscapes and communities,” be funded for three years starting 8/1/11.

Theory of Ecology

The Theory of Ecology is (finally) available from University of Chicago Press. GF is a contributor.

Poster at FNPS

Pilar Lopera gave a poster at the Florida Native Plants Society conference, entitled “Pollination biology in sympatric species of Liatris (Asteraceae) in a Sandhill community.”